The 10 Worst Jobs

The 10 Worst Jobs

What are the top ten worst jobs in history? Read about the ten most revolting, difficult and dangerous jobs that children had to do in the past. 'Oxford. The 10 worst jobs in America. Published: Nov. 1, at p.m. ET. By. Ruth Mantell.,. MarketWatch. comments. Low pay, no benefits put these workers in. The 10 worst jobs to have in · Mail Carrier · 9. Firefighter · 8. Taxi Driver · 7. Corrections Officer · 6. Photojournalist · 5. Broadcaster · 4. Cook · 3. I worked in Mcdonalds and it was the worst job I have ever had. 25 Porn Star. Anything to do with working under the Scarlet Collar has gotta be bad! 8. jobs they believed were the most harmful for a person's back. Here is a quick rundown on the top 10 worst jobs for your back. jobs that are bad for your back.

I'm putting together a list of the 10 worst jobs in IT. What job would you hate to have? This can be specific a job description like Backups Technician or. Think you've got the world's worst job? It could be worse. You could be giving an elephant a probe, cleansing diseased feet, or diving into sewage. You might discover that your job isn't so bad after all. Top 10 Worst Jobs. 1) Roadkill Collector Pretty self-explanatory. Roadkill collectors not only have the. The louder the sound, the shorter amount of time it takes for hearing loss to occur. These are the ten worst jobs for your ears: Flight Crews. Bad Jobs · BLAST FURNACE TENDER · Popular Videos · HIGHWAY BUTTON LAYER · Bad Jobs - · RENDERING PLANT WORKER · Bad Jobs - · MUNITIONS PLANT WORKER. Top 10 WORST Jobs for Your Health · 1. Surgical and Medical Assistants, Technicians, and Techs · 2. Boiler Operators and Stationary Engineers · 3. Wastewater and. The 10 worst jobs to have in · Mail Carrier · 9. Firefighter · 8. Taxi Driver · 7. Corrections Officer · 6. Photojournalist · 5. Broadcaster · 4. Cook · 3. Top 10 Worst Jobs That Actually Pay Well · # Dog Food Taster · #9: Golf Ball Diver · #8: Toll Booth Operator · #7: Crop Duster Pilot · #6: Oil Rig Worker · #5. The 10 worst jobs to have in space. Image of Lost Orbit. Lost Orbit. |. Published: Jul 19, AM PDT. 0. This week, Escapist is brought to you in.

Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever · 1. Whales' feces tester · 2. Animal masturbator · 3. Diver in dangerous waste · 4. Elephants' inseminator · 5. Adult movie's theater cleaner. 13 worst jobs in the world · 1. Military soldier · 2. Taxi driver · 3. Fast-food attendant · 4. Retail sales associate · 5. Telemarketer · 6. Cleaner · 7. Line cook · 8. Those jobs sucked and were disgusting, but would worst job I have ever had in my life. I am Do that routine about once an hour for a What is the worst job you have ever had or know of? Post your comments below! About the author: Matthew Tukaki is the Host of Talking Lifestyle. 16 Worst Jobs in the US in Afifa Mushtaque. Mon, Mar 11, 10 min read. In this article. 10 of the Worst Jobs for Future Job Security · 1.) Executive Secretary · 2.) Aircraft Structural Mechanic · 3.) Photographic Process Worker · 4.) Textile Knitting. Top 10 Best and Worst Jobs for Your Health · Best: Professor · Worst: Doctors and nurses · Best: Florist · Worst: Desk job · Best: Health professional · Worst. My worst job was dishwashing in my teens, and that wasn't too bad. My real worst job was actually a great job with a terrible boss and an even. The Worst Jobs in History is a British television series hosted by Tony Robinson on Channel 4. The second series was shown in March on History.

In this article, we will look at the 16 worst jobs in the US in We have also discussed the importance of job satisfaction. 11 of the worst jobs ever · Armpit Sniffer · Port-a-Loo Cleaner · Pet Food Taster · Mosquito Researcher · Grave Digger · Snow Shoveller · Gold Farmer · Paint Research. Top 10 Worst Jobs for Back Pain · Is Your Job Killing Your Back? · #10 is Motherhood and Baby Care · 9th is Factory Work · #8 is Auto Mechanic · #7 is Warehouse Work. Are these 12 of the Worlds Worst Jobs? Think you're having a bad day at work? We've taken a look at some of the more “interesting” jobs out there.

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