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After much scientific testing, I run at about 35PSI in the /75/16s under my AC Tacoma w/fiberglass top and ~ pounds of gear. And by scientific. It weighs 42 lbs, has a max load of lbs, a maximum air pressure of 44 psi, a tread depth of 13/32" and should be used on a rim width of ". See all. LT/75RE Pressure. Static Load. Section per Axle (lb) Front/Rear (psi) Tire Load Limits at Various Cold Inflation Pressures -- Per Tire. I've Just put BFG 75 16 KO2's on my 90 SW. what pressures are people running. The tyre fitter said that over 30 in the rears is too much. /75r16 load range C max of 50 psi on a ranger and then on an f yes its load rated properly. lets say on the f at 35 psi works perfect. however, 35 psi. When a tire can combine tenacious performance with a grip that doesn't give in, the result is reliable, rugged rubber––the result , /75R16, Terrain Plus The Corsa Highway Terrain Plus is an all-season tire designed for SUVs and trucks to experience improved h LT /75 R16 S E1 BSW.

Tire air pressure should be checked at least once a month using a tire pressure gauge. Tires should be checked when they are cold (before being driven) or.

The tire inflation pressure is directly related to safety therefore must be checked regularly as correct maintenance can prolong the lifespan of the tires. The LT/75R's max pressure is 50 PSI, and I have set the to 40, both front and back. I'll see how they ride at that pressure this evening.:o. About the. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Air Pressure (psi) LT/75R16, Dual, , ,

LT/75R16 Tire Pressure Chart · lbs @ 50 psi · lbs @ 50 psi · lbs @ 65 psi · lbs @ 65 psi · lbs @ 80 psi · lbs @ 80 psi. Car, truck, whatever. With my BFG's they wore perfect with psi in the front and in the rear. Nice ride. I have the / E rated and run 60 all around, or sometimes 60 front and 55 rear. If you're towing or heavily loaded you should raise the.

Here is this formula using a /75R16 E with 60 psi in the tire;. 3, / 80 psi = pounds of carrying capacity per PSI. I run them at 36 psi which seems to be a sweet spot for not too harsh a ride, good wear, and no decrease in mpg. IME if you air down much below. 80 PSI is the max PSI on a cold tire when towing/hauling at the tire's max weight rating. DO NOT daily drive on 80 PSI. PSI would be a good starting point.

This tire is engineered to deliver a quiet and stable ride thanks to the arrangement of tread blocks and a large, flat road contact surface area. The Sailun. at 35 psi. If a LT/75R16 Load Range C is to be used as a replacement, to carry an equivalent load the LT tire must be inflated to 50 psi. When converted to inches, /75R16 is equivalent to xR /75R16 tire has a section width of inches which is the measurement of tire's. Use a tire pressure gauge to check the current air pressure inside your tires. Optionally, most gas stations and auto service centers have public tire.

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Update: A /75R16 typically can carry about lbs/tire @ 80 psi, but individual tire models differ. Found a Goodyear table that shows a /75R16 can carry. LT/75R16 tire pressure chart with maximum tire load capacity at determined tire inflation levels for LT/75R16 tires. ; LT/75R lbs, lbs. The same is true for the front at about psi. I am running about 55 psi in the rear when cold and 38 psi in the front on my /75 KO2s with a load of. I then decided to check the air pressure and found that all four tires had over 80 psi when warm. I checked the door jam again and lowered the tire pressure to. Each vehicle has its own specifications for tire pressure, but most fall between 28 and 36 PSI (pounds per square inch). Tire Pressure. Where I can find the. Size: LT/75R16 · Style: Outlined White Letter · Load Range: E Load Range. Max. Load= 3, lbs. Max. psi= 80 psi. Does tire size dictate the tire pressure? What size tires do you have and what pressure do you run for daily driving? I'm on /75/ Learn about where to find your tire's recommended tire pressure and how to maintain inflation at the proper level from the professionals at 50 or so in fr and 45 or so in back empty. This is empty pressure and will give the best ride with E tires. I don't know what you have for tires and what. These Load and Inflation Tables are intended to provide assistance when replacing tires with optional tire sizes including “plus sizes.”.
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